Cranberry & Orange Ice Cream {Dairy & Sugar Free}

A delicious & festive no churn dairy free and sugar free Cranberry & Orange Ice Cream made with coconut milk

dairy free vegan christmas ice cream cranberry Ok I know what you are thinking…ice cream in December. Has she gone crazy? But trust me on this. After heavy filling winter dinners ice cream makes a delicious light and refreshing dessert, especially this recipe that’s made with coconut milk…. 

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spiced ham slow cooker christmas

The Easiest Slow Cooker Christmas Ham

The easiest slow cooker Christmas ham, lightly spiced and served with a refreshing red cabbage salad When it comes to Christmas cooking I’m all about making life as easy as possible for myself. If you have guests staying you want to make delicious food for them, but not at the cost of spending all your… 

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coconut milk dairy free gingerbread smoothie christmas drink

Gingerbread Smoothie

Thick and creamy with a hint of sweet vanilla and subtle spices, this dairy free Gingerbread Smoothie makes a fantastic healthy Christmas breakfast If you are not quite feeling the festive spirit yet then today’s recipe is sure to get you in the mood. Gingerbread is one of those flavours synonymous with Christmas. Sure, gingerbread tastes… 

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chocolate caramel nut clusters turtles

Chocolate Caramel Nut Clusters

Christmas snacks CAN be healthy! These Chocolate Caramel Nut Clusters are high in protein and low in sugar, the perfect paleo snack for the festive period! If I had to name two ingredients that I seem to buy in abundance this time of year then it has to be chocolate and nuts. Christmas just isn’t… 

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cocktail mini sausages christmas

Sticky Asian Cocktail Sausages

The ultimate Christmas party food! Cocktail sausages baked to perfection with a sweet and sticky Asian glaze I am sure it must be law or something but we all know that you absolutely cannot have a Christmas party without cocktail sausages. There’s something so moreish about them which guarantees that they will be snapped up… 

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no refined sugar homemade mulled wine syrup

Homemade Mulled Wine Syrup

A clean eating and paleo friendly homemade mulled syrup and mulled wine recipe, made with coconut sugar You know Christmas is on the way when you start smelling mulled wine everywhere. This is without doubt my favourite smell of the festive period and I have been known to even buy mulled wine scented candles. Today’s… 

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brussels sprouts with bacon and cheese

Brussels Sprouts Salad with Bacon & Pomegranate

Give the humble Brussels Sprout a makeover this Christmas with this delicious and festive Sprout Salad with Bacon and Pomegranate Brussels Sprouts…. two words that instill complete fear in children come Christmas Day! Lets face it, most of us were force fed mushy overcooked sprouts at some stage, told we had to eat them because it… 

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