Roasted Chicken & Veg Courgetti with Creamy Pesto

zoodles with rosted vegetables I mentioned in yesterday’s Sweet Potato Curly Fries post that I am doing something called Whole30 for a month, the idea being to clean up my diet and hopefully improve my sleeping and my overall health. As part of this programme I have eliminated all grains from my diet and so I have been using one of my favourite kitchen gadgets, this spiralizer*, nearly every day in an attempt to create pasta and noodle-like substitutions from vegetables. … 

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Sweet Potato Curly Fries

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I have embarked on a new eating regime since returning from holidays. I’ll explain more about it in another post but basically after a few months of trying different “diets” in an attempt to lose this baby blubber I was left feeling pretty rubbish, bloated,… 

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microwave chocolate nutella mug cake

Nutella Microwave Mug Cake

Hello! We are back from holidays and I’m throwing myself straight back into blogging (I’ve actually missed it…awww!) But first, can we talk about this weather? When we left it was typical British summer weather but we’ve seem to have come back to monsoon season. It didn’t even rain this much in Ireland! Luckily today’s… 

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Ten Leftover Tiger Bread Ideas

Tiger bread is one of the main reasons I often have to avoid the bakery aisle in a supermarket. One glimpse and It’s just too tempting to resist! I know it’s going to be crispy and just ever slightly chewy on the outside, but soft and comforting on the inside. Topped with cheese and grilled,… 

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lemonade pops

Ten Calorie Lemonade Popsicles

When I first made these popsicles it was roasting outside. The weather may have taken a little turn for the worst over the past few days but I am confident the sun will be back out in no time (optimistic, eh?!). In fairness it wouldn’t be a British summertime without a little rain and you… 

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